Nano Recharge System

Nano Recharge System

Mobile Automatic Recharge System (NANORECHARGE) is a PC based system that enables Mobile & Dth ( Tv) Recharge Whole salers / Distributors / Dealers to Setup their own all mobile & Dth (Tv) Recharge Business, they can extend their services through Dealer and retailer (remote agents) the remote agents registered with the system can send recharge requests to NANORECHARGE through a simple SMS. Remote agents do not need E-recharge SIMs or GPRS handsets. Recharge is carried out automatically by the system after receiving the requests and responses are sent back through SMS. NANORECHARGE is highly configurable and provides a host of powerful features to extend your reach, grow your recharging business and manage it better.

Mode of Operation :

Walk in Customers - The request is entered in the computer. NANORECHARGE automatically recharges the request. Requests can be queued up in the system.

Remote Customers - The remote agent sends the customer mobile number and the amount by SMS to NANORECHARGE in a simple format. The system checks the authenticity of the remote agent and his available balance. It does the recharge automatically and sends a confirmation SMS to the remote agent with his latest balance and transaction ID received from network.

Salient Features :

  • Proven reliable system
  • Available in 8 ports (8 mobile & 8 DTH) or 12 ports (12 mobile & 12 DTH)24 ports ( 24 mobile & 12 DTH) configuration
  • Recharging / Receiving Requests & Sending SMS are all done through SIMs.
  • No Internet needed
  • Supports all GSM,CDMA and DTH operators
  • DTH operators are mapped to the GSM/CDMA operators
  • Supports Recharge, Balance transfer,
  • Simultaneous recharge on all ports
  • Recharge operations are supported through
    • EC recharge
    • SMS to operator
    • USSD message to operator
  • Unlimited retailer accounts
  • Credit/Debit operation
  • Facility to assign Account wise / operator wise commission
  • Tracks Success / Failure messages from network automatically with Operator transaction ID
  • Sends Confirmation SMS to retailers automatically
  • Two types of users - Distributors and Retailers can be created
  • Distributors can transfer balance from their account to retailers
  • Field Officers can collect and enter payment remotely
  • User friendly reports
    • Operator wise recharge report
    • Account wise recharge report
    • Status wise recharge report
    • Payment report
    • Balance report
    • Account statement
    • Recharge search
  • Retailers can check balance and enquire about recharges through SMS
  • Balance alert messages to retailers and owner
  • Automatic data backup
  • Facility to connect to outgoing SMS gateway
  • Facility to take requests and send responses through HTTP format from a Web server
  • Recharge, Payment transfer request can be sent from Website
  • Customers can use same balance for SMS and WEB operations
  • Recharge report, Payment report, A/C statement etc can be accessed from Website


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