Bulk SMS Modem

Bulk SMS Modem
  • Multi Socket GSM GPRS Modem
  • Wave COM/Siemens
  • Q2303/Q2403/TC35i -16/32 PORT
  • Multi-socket GSM and GPRS MODEM
  • Just like eight single-channel equipments work at the same time
  • Can insert eight SIM cards (big or small) connection with the computer through a data line can be integrated with Serial 8/16/32
  • Each channel with separate power switch
  • Each individual module can be demolished industrial chassis, elegant shell.

The device built-in 16 or 32 wireless modules can be inserted eight SIM cards can use eight cards to send text messages, send speed as 16 or 32 times as a single channel modem. It uses the development of WAVECOM module/Siemens Module, 220V power supply, can be a long time stability, generous luxury housing.

  • Industrial-grade chips, to ensure stable operation
  • Switch independence, support for the size of SIM card
  • Ports support hot-swapping;
  • A separate module can be demolished;
  • Power lines and data lines are only one of the more simple;
  • The size of a small, elegant, accounting for a smaller space (the size of the computer keyboard is only about half the size), especially suitable for the use of multiple machines at the same time
  • Wireless GSM / GPRS / MODEM built on the broad masses of the personal needs of customers on the basis of the enterprises to meet the following requirements:
  • For the majority of customers the same or different delivery information;
  • Promptly contact employees issued notices of meetings;
  • To avoid consuming a large number of enterprise human, material and information transfer on time;
  • To avoid high communication costs to be incurred in a month;
  • Enterprises and customers (members) between the corporate partners, businesses and staff in the need for more exchanges.

Send clusters : Can be sent automatically to a large number of goals the same information.

Widely distributed : The geographical distribution of the target information widely scattered to support fast after message, just a very short time can be transmitted to the target.

Convenience : The information through the portable phone to receive.

Accurate : The message can reach the goal of accurate and timely manner.

Exhaustive : The information sent by the computer system, significantly to avoid the artificial missing information.

Strong visibility : The way the text information to send and receive.

Economy The reception of free information, send the cost of the SMS service provider in accordance with the rates, no long distance and roaming and other additional costs. Time-saving and efficient: The same information can be sent at the same time to multiple targets; and can make use of multiple parallel processing terminal to send and receive text messages, thus saving a lot of time

Interfaces : USB/Serial Port (RS232)/PCI


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Nanobytes are committed to providing quality services to customers consistently.